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Which Way to Go?

We all understand the importance of DNA in helping us with our family puzzles, those brick walls for which traditional paper trails have not been successful.   

So how do you get started on your DNA journey? What if you have already taken the first step but aren’t sure where to go next? In what direction should you head if you are ready for more advanced methods?

Leah Larkin understands your dilemma and can guide you through the various DNA pathways. In these three practical and interactive sessions, she will take you from introductory stages through to more advanced DNA techniques. 

You can choose all three sessions and save $15 or select the sessions which suit where you are in your DNA journey and where you would like to be.

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Dates, times and cost

1. DNA Basics

     This class has concluded.

20 May 2022 @ 1pm Pacific (1 -1.5 hours) $35

2. Intermediate

     This class has concluded.

3 June 2022 @ 12 noon Pacific (3 hours) $100

3. Advanced

     1 July 2022 @ 3pm Pacific (3 hours) $100

All Zoom sessions are closed captioned, recorded and available for viewing for 14 days following the session. If you purchase the bundle, your viewing time is extended. Handouts are included.

Attendance is limited to 30 participants per session.

Webinar/Workshop 1: 20 May 2022 @ 1pm Pacific (US) 

DNA Basics: Who, What, Where and How to Test

This introduction to genetic genealogy explains what DNA is and how it can help your genealogy research. We will address why we use DNA, whom to test, which types of tests are available, what you get with your results, and where to test. Geared toward beginners and early intermediate users of DNA, this class will ensure that you are ready for the Intermediate Workshop.

Workshop 2: 3 June 2022 @ 12 noon Pacific (US) 

Putting DNA to Work for You

Building on the DNA Basics class, this workshop will teach you to organize and evaluate your DNA results to address specific genealogy questions. We’ll cover ethnicity estimates, relationship prediction, clustering, and connecting your DNA matches to your tree. In-class exercises will guide you through the steps to use your own DNA results in a meaningful way.

Workshop 3: 1 July 2022 @ 3pm Pacific (US)

Answering the Hard Questions

Once you've mastered the basics and have organized your DNA matches to tackle your genealogy questions, you're ready for more advanced techniques.  In this hands-on session, we'll work mainly with McGuire charts and the tools at DNA Painter, then craft the results into a compelling proof argument.  We will also discuss complications like endogamy that can make genetic genealogy more challenging.

About the presenter

Leah Larkin, PhD

Leah Larkin earned her Ph.D. in biology from the University of Texas at Austin, where she used DNA to study the relationships among different species. She has worked in both academia and scientific publishing and applies those research skills daily to solving genealogical questions using DNA. Her background makes her uniquely qualified to analyze your DNA results to reveal your family history.