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Advancing Your Presentation Skills


Date: 22 November  2022 @ 7pm

This session (6 of 6) is offered at 7pm Eastern (US) time. Please remember to convert to your local time.

All sessions will be recorded and available for viewing for 14 days.

Session 1: 28 June 2022 (2 hours per session)

Session 2: 26 July 2022 (2 hours per session)

Session 3: 23 August 2022 (2 hours per session)

Session 4: 27 September 2022 (2 hours per session)

Session 5: 25 October 2022 (2 hours per session)

Session 6: 22 November 2022 (2 hours per session)

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You want your presentations to be memorable for all of the right reasons; the topic appealed to your audience, your slide deck looked professional and your handout/syllabus guided attendees and extended their knowledge of the topic.  But what if the presentation was memorable for all of the wrong reasons; your slide deck was basic, you mumbled your way through and the handout provided attendees with no additional information?

Sometimes, all you need is confidence and feedback provided by others in a supportive environment. This session gives you the opportunity to deliver a short presentation and receive feedback from experienced presenters and colleagues. A presentation rubric is provided so that you can determine where you are and where you could be.

This session will guide you on conveying your ideas and connecting with a range of audiences through:

  • Presentation practice
  • Critiquing your presentation
  • Learning from the rubric – Great, Good and Needs Improvement.