About the course

Delving Deeper: AI and Family History


This is the first of two courses, each of which can be booked separately, or as a discounted bundle.

For more information on both courses, go to: https://www.familyhistoryacademy.com.au/advanced-ai-family-history

Price for Delving Deeper – $117 (US dollars)

Both sessions are recorded and available for 14 days.

Session One: 18 July @ 7 pm Eastern US (2 hours)

Session Two: 25 July @ 7 pm Eastern US (2 hours)

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Dive deeper into the world of AI and family history with our next step course! Whether you’re building on the knowledge gained from our beginner series or stepping into the world of artificial intelligence for genealogy for the first time, this course is meticulously designed to unlock the potential of AI in your genealogical research.

In two comprehensive sessions, each of two hours, you’ll explore advanced AI techniques for data extraction, analysis, and tools for working with your family history.

You will gain hands-on experience in how to:

  • Craft and combine sophisticated prompts to achieve superior research outcomes;
  • Seamlessly integrate generative AI tools into your family history research workflow; and
  • Navigate a variety of AI tools and applications specific to genealogical research.

Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen your understanding and skills in AI for uncovering richer, more nuanced family narratives.

Reserve your spot now and take the next step in transforming your approach to genealogy with AI!