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Design Mastery: Transforming Professional Resources using Canva


This three-hour workshop is ​tailored for ​anyone looking to enhance their branding and educational resources using Canva. ​The workshop offers an invaluable opportunity to ​become a creative designer, ​crafting visually striking and professionally polished products. It is offered on 24 July 2024 @ 5 PM Eastern US  (3-hour session with a short break). Please remember to convert to your local time.

This workshop will be recorded and available for viewing for 14 days.

NOTE: Prices are in US dollars.

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Whether you’re looking to enhance your presentations, develop captivating workbooks, syllabus and handouts, or refine your overall brand aesthetics, this workshop is designed to propel your professional image to new heights. Combine your family history expertise with innovative design, creating work products that reflect you.

Features of this course include:

Brand Building with Canva: Develop a unique visual brand identity for your personal or genealogy business.

Designing Engaging Workbooks and Handouts: Create compelling educational resources that resonate with your clients, peers and others.

Crafting Impactful Presentation Slides: Learn to design informative and visually appealing slides for all types of presentations.

Hands-On Projects: Apply your new skills by working on practical design projects during the session.

You do not need a paid subscription for Canva for this workshop. You will need an account to access the free version.

Date: 24 July 2024 @ 5 PM Eastern US (3-hour session with a short break)

About the educator

Cathie Sherwood

Cathie Sherwood is the founder of Family History Academy and an avid family historian.  She is an educator, having taught at all levels of education, from primary to university.