Skill Building for Family Historians


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When working with DNA, it can be difficult to know which is the best way forward.  In the DNA Directions series, our experts give you guidance on the paths, tools, techniques and insights you need to help solve ancestral brick walls and document it so that others can follow.  

CHROMOSOME MAPPING Workshop with Michelle Leonard


IMMERSIVE DNA CASE STUDIES Workshop with Michelle Leonard

In this three part hands-on interactive workshop, you will be given the opportunity to work on DNA case studies from the first evaluation of the mystery right through to the conclusion. Michelle will demonstrate best practices for working on family history mysteries using DNA and provide you with a plethora of her top tips. She will also take you through each step one by one and you will have the chance to work with her to solve the cases and get to the answers.

DNA Directions Educators

Experienced, professional and knowledgeable, our instructors are focused on helping you strengthen and advance your genealogical research practices.

Michelle Leonard, MA