Skill Building for Family Historians


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Essential Skills

From the moment you decide to step into the genealogy world, you'll never stop learning. Our practical workshops are packed with information, useful hints, and tips to help you navigate business processes, expand your speaking engagements and develop skills in using a wide range of genealogical tools.

Discover the Power of Spreadsheets!

Discover the power of spreadsheets for family history research in this workshop! Organize your genealogical journey with efficient planning, timelines and leverage spreadsheets to analyse DNA data. Plus, create family trees to share. Join Fiona Brooker and enhance your ancestral exploration today!

The ABCs of Numbering Your Genealogy

This workshop with Tom Jones guides you through established numbering systems for genealogies, offering practical skills for both beginners and experienced genealogists to effectively manage and present their family trees.

Navigating the AI Frontier

Discover where AI can take you in the Navigating the AI Frontier series. Fiona Brooker and Andrew Redfern lead three practical workshops, showcasing AI tools and techniques set to transform your family history research.


Experienced, professional and knowledgeable, our instructors are focused on helping you strengthen and advance your genealogical research practices.

Tom Jones, CG®

Fiona Brooker

Annette Lyttle

Andrew Redfern

Cathie Sherwood