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Our courses and workshops cover a range of topics, all designed to give you essential information and strategies to build your skills and conduct your family history research in a logical and successful way.

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Our live virtual courses can be taken anywhere in the world, giving you a cross-cultural perspective and the opportunity to network with people from around the globe.

Our highly-respected and experienced educators provide advanced learning opportunities to take your family history research skills to the next level.

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Advanced Genealogical Writing Skills

In this six-session masterclass, Tom Jones takes you through processes involved in making informed choices about document setup in genealogical writing so that the right message is sent to readers.

Discover the Power of Spreadsheets!

Did you know that spreadsheets are one of the most versatile tools you can use in your family history research? Join Fiona Brooker and learn how to organise your research objectives, outline research questions, and systematically track your progress.

Decoding Records: Using the Law

Join Judy G. Russell and dive deeper into records—and learn how the law shapes our understanding of historical documents. Records usually exist because of the law. Their contents are often dictated by the law. And it’s the law that tells us if we can rely on any part of those contents as evidence.

The ABCs of Numbering Your Genealogy

Tom Jones provides an in-depth exploration of the three primary numbering systems used to structure and organize family histories. This course is pivotal for anyone delving into the study of genealogy, as it teaches how to use numbers to create clear, coherent compilations of family histories.

DNA: Chromosome Mapping

In this workshop, Michelle Leonard will explain all you need to know to be successful with chromosome mapping - from understanding DNA segment data, to populating your chromosome map and using it to help make family history breakthroughs.

Advanced AI for Family History

Explore the transformative power of AI in genealogy with our specialised courses, designed for flexibility and depth. You can choose one course, or both and save $30 USD. Each course, taught by Fiona Brooker and Andrew Redfern, stands on its own, providing unique insights and advanced techniques, but together, they create a comprehensive journey through the world of AI-enhanced Family history research.

What people are saying about Family History Academy

Thanks so much for all your work in putting together such great programs with so many well-respected instructors.

Melanie H

I never write thank you notes after webinars or classes, (maybe I should). But I just had to write and tell you what an outstanding event the workshop was. I learned so much, and really enjoyed the hands on exercises.

Juanita B

The Essential Speaker Skills Workshop is a fabulously informative course.
Learning new facets of the speaking world stretched me and made me appreciative of the endless hours of preparation required.

Sharron G