About the course

Brick Wall Flash Mob


Encountered an obstacle (or two) in your family history research? Imagine a dynamic team of genealogy experts ready to demolish that barrier! Join our interactive workshop designed to tackle your genealogical challenges and contribute to helping others to solve their brick walls.

This two-session workshop (each session is three hours with a mid-session break) is brought to you by two expert genealogists, Sue McNelly AG® and Robbie Johnson CG®. As friends, and professional colleagues, they aim to unite you, their fellow genealogy enthusiasts to exchange innovative ideas, enthusiasm, and collaborative problem-solving experiences.

WHEN: 31 July and 7 August, 2024 @ 7pm Eastern US

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This workshop will be recorded and available for viewing for 14 days.

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*Flash Mob: (noun) a group of people summoned to a designated location at a specified time to perform an indicated action before dispersing.

Has a brick wall stopped you in your tracks? Picture a team of genealogists, appearing out of nowhere, poised to knock it down. This fast-paced class is an opportunity to work-shop a problem that’s held you back, and to help others solve theirs.

An AG® and a CG® have teamed up to bring you this high-energy two session workshop. Friends and colleagues, Sue McNelly AG® and Robbie Johnson CG®, wanted to come together with other genealogists and share the ideas, energy, and excitement of problem-solving together.

In this workshop, each participant will present a “brick wall” problem to the group. Fellow students will share their ideas, resources, and fresh approaches, brain-storming your case in real-time. Put on your dancing shoes and be ready to rock those walls down!

How It Works

  • You’ll receive a digital work-book before the workshop. Use it to submit a one-page summary of your problem including: The research question, the brick wall problem, and what you’ve done so far.
  • Be prepared to explain your problem out loud in five (5) minutes or less to the group.
  • Before each session you’ll have a chance to review the cases being presented by class-members. You don’t have to solve the problem, but you should become familiar with the basics they’ve outlined. Come prepared to join the discussions and share your thoughts, resources, and methodologies, to help shake the walls down.
  • During the workshop, each student’s case will be the focus for 20-minutes. When it’s your turn, you have five minutes (or less) to introduce your problem to the class. In the remaining 15 minutes, instructors and students will brainstorm your case in real-time. (Remember, the more time it takes to explain your problem, the less time allotted to solving it.)
  • Participants are encouraged to drop web links, documents, and comments, into the “Chat” during the workshop.
  • The syllabus will include Sue and Robbie’s fave methodologies, strategies, and problem solving resources.

To make sure you don’t miss anything:

  1. Sessions will be recorded, and available to review after the workshop.
  2. Each student will have a digital folder that other participants can upload their ideas to in writing.
  3. The “Chat” will be saved, giving you access to everything shared.
  4. You can “Opt In” to the class contact roster, to keep in touch with fellow problem-solving class members after the work-shop.

Be ready to have a hot mic, your hand up, and your camera on! Don’t be shy. . . Jump in and bust through brick-walls with us!

About the educators

Robbie Johnson, CG®

Robbie Johnson holds the credential of Certified Genealogist®. She enjoys solving the complex puzzles that clients and friends bring to her, and supporting others through education and mentor-ship. Robbie’s research and writing focuses on England, the Pacific Northwest, Native-Indigenous ancestry, and genetic genealogy. She has presented lectures/workshops for the BCG Education Fund’s “Putting Skills To Work,” the SLIG “Advanced Analysis Practicum” course, and local genealogical societies. She has served as a coordinator and secretary for the ProGen Study Groups, mentored the GenProof Study Groups, and is currently a mentor for the Certification Discussion Group. Robbie also brings her experience of over 40 years as an editor and writer to her work as a professional genealogist.



Sue McNelly, AG®

Sue McNelly, AG® is an Accredited Genealogist professional. When it comes to working tough problems, she loves the thrill of the chase. And, as owner of KindredPast, a genealogical research company, Sue is dedicated to helping people connect to their families. Her research specialty areas are England, South Africa, and the Isle of Man. Sue is an adjunct instructor at Brigham Young University-Idaho, where she teaches in their “Family History Research” program. Sue has presented webinars for RootsTech, Southern California Jamboree, The International Society for British Genealogy and Family History, and The Surname Society. Her articles have been published in UGA’s Crossroads Magazine, ISBGFH’s British Connections, and West Valley Genealogy Society’s Desert Tracker. Additionally, Sue mentors and leads study groups for those pursuing professional accreditation through the International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists (ICAPGen).